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Dog Training

Sarah at Sit Stay Sparkle is in the process of gaining 300+ hours of experience in Dog Training to gain the CPDT- KA Dog Training Certification. She currently gets 2 hours of mentoring a week at When Hounds Fly with Sarah Shapiro-Ward as a Training Assistant for Puppy Start Right & Foundation Skills, and is looking to gain more hours to achieve this goal faster.

The CPDT-KA stands for Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed and is certified by CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers). The training is Fear/Force Free Positive Reinforcement based and is inline with the values of Sit Stay Sparkle.

As a disclaimer, Sarah is not currently certified in Dog Training but is looking to practice the skills she is learning. For that reason the below rates are lower than Certified Trainers.

$65 - 60 minute Walk & Train

This service aims to provide both mental and physical exercise. Dogs will get 30 minute of regular walking and 30 minutes of training in Foundation Skills.


$125 - Board & Train (per day)

This service provides training in Foundation Skills during their stay. Skills learnt include basic training, games and tricks. Training sessions are 15m long.

Foundation Skills:
Sit, Down, Touch, Stay, Drop it, 123 Game, Chin Rest, Leave it, Paw Target, Polite Greetings, Go to Mat, Loose Leash Walking & Recall.

These skills will be trained one on one
 (Trainer & Dog) as a part of a Walk or Board Service. For the best results, the owner should also learn and practice these skills. They are taught at When Hounds Fly Group classes and can be continued on via our Walk & Board Services.

Train & Walk Monthly Packages (Discounted)
$480 for 8 sessions; two walks a week.
Package 1: Sit & Down, Touch & Stay, Play & Drop it and 123 Game.

Package 2: Chin Rest, Leave it, Paw Target and Polite Greetings

Package 3: Loose Leash Walking.

Package 4: Recall.


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